Folding Sliding Partitions

M85 SLIDING SYSTEMS are a quality range of custom built hinged panel walls. Most systems are fully floor supported through a bottom roller track system, although we can supply a top hung option.

Generally more economic than the Acoustic Movable Wall range the M85 tends to be faster to operate and is ideal where multiple uses and rapid layout changes are required. By being bottom supported the structural impact upon the head is reduced allowing the product to be used where top-hung systems cannot.

The system can either park to one side or bi-part to both sides. Communicating doors are incorporated in most panel configurations.

The panels are quickly and easily pulled across the room opening and locked into position. The system can be either ´Centre Fold´ (parked centrally to the line of the track) or ´End Fold´ (to one side of the track).

The majority of the walls we produce are finished in laminate although real wood veneers and other finishes are available, including fire retardant. Our team would be keen to discuss any special requirements.

Sound reductions from Rw30 to 49dB are available.

The aluminium long edge profiles to each panel have rubber seals which ensure an airtight seal when the panels are closed. The top and bottom of each panel have rubber sweep seals providing a reasonable level of sound reduction.

Key Features

  • 70, 85 and 100 mm systems
  • Manual operation with integral locking mechanisms
  • Generally incorporates a Full height pass door (although dependant on panel number)
  • Gasket seals
  • Exposed edge profiles
  • Top or bottom supported
  • Can be supplied up to 4000 mm high
  • End fold or Centrefold stacking arrangements
  • One wing or bi-parting