Movable Walls

ACOUSTIC OPERABLE SYSTEMS are our top of the range custom built movable walls and provide the very highest specification.

Designed to cover every conceivable application where sound reduction is a necessary criteria, our walls are ideally suited for:

Sound ratings available range from Rw37 to 58dB which covers most requirements. Results are backed by Independent Acoustic Consultants.

The system comprises of individual panels suspended from a top track. No floor track is required.

The acoustic seal to each panel is achieved by interlocking long edge profiles and retractable top and bottom seals. These seals lock between the head track and the floor and are operated by a handle which is inserted into the vertical edge of each panel. We can supply ’90 degree quickturn’ or alternatively supply scissor mechanisms that are slower to operate but do exert greater seal pressure.

Various designs of interlocking profile are offered to compliment the face finish and aesthetic appeal of the walls. The majority of the walls we produce are finished in laminate although real wood veneers and other finishes are available, including fire retardant. Our team would be keen to discuss any special requirements.

Single or double pass doors can be included in any wall system and these will meet current Disabled Regulations if so desired. The last panel of most walls has a telescopic nose, which is face operated. This panel is used to finally ´close´ the wall.

The majority of systems we supply are manually operated, however, we now offer electrical seal operation which some customers prefer.

Supported by years of experience and development expertise, MultiSpace Systems offer a high degree of quality and expertise.

Key Features

  • 85, 100 and 110 mm systems
  • Manual or electric operation
  • Full height pass door, single inset or double inset pass doors
  • Gasket or magnetic seals
  • Quick turn or scissor mechanism
  • Exposed or concealed edge profiles
  • Internal or external telescopic sliding sleeve
  • One–carrier or Two-carrier systems
  • Can be supplied up to 6500 mm high