Business Sectors

We’re proud to have served a wide variety of business sectors since we started back in 2007. Our ability to blend our experience with a wide variety of industries and project organisers is what sets us apart from a lot of competitors.

See our work in your business area below.


From primary schools to comprehensives and universities, we’ve fitted our movable walls and sliding folding partitions to create acoustic insulated spaces.


Hospitals, clinics and surgeries frequently have the need to re-order their working spaces and over the years have used Multispace Systems many times to achieve this.


Whether you’re a growing business with additional space requirements or you just need to create a flexible working area, we have a solution for you.


Churches, mosques, village halls and community clubs are often multi-use buildings, necessitating different spaces. Our partitions and walls have seen many a community come together.


Sports clubs, hotels and resorts cater for variable groups of people on a daily basis. With the ability to partition large spaces with acoustic walls, these businesses are able to maximise their revenue whilst minimising costs.